This venture started on a sheep farm in the Karoo, the semi-desert part of South Africa where Letitia grew up. Her love for quality led to a dream of the perfect travel partner. Her father, a great leather-lover, introduced her to real nappa leather. This soft sheepskin leather was also turned into the first bag they made.  Today a whole array of leathers and other materials are used to craft practical handbags.


At Stonecamp we strive for practical and beautiful! It has always been our goal to make life easier for our clients while adding a little luxury. We source only the best South African leather we can find to make Stonecamp bags for everyday use. Each bag will wear to become completely unique and truly yours.  Love it with us!


Stonecamp leather specializes in handmade pieces so please allow for slight variations in shapes and sizes. Also take note that the final product may differ slightly from our product photographs.

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