Advanced Marketing
with Letitia Fly from

Stonecamp Leather

Advanced Marketing
with Letitia Fly from

Stonecamp Leather

Is this for you?

Book your place for a focused and deliberate workshop to equip you to take your business or brand to the next level.

Pre-work includes:

I will send a complete list of pre-work when you register (time is money!)

Letitia Fly

Who am I?

Letitia Fly, a 36-year-old corporate marketer and multi-hustler.

Why should you listen to me?  Because I do it every day for my own business, traditional and more modern marketing methods – in line with your business.  Because my aim is to help you live your best life and if I can make it easier for you to grow, I want to.

Join me, it will be fun, I promise.

I will show you how to do your own marketing in 2 hours every 2 weeks and see results.

My pre-work will include:

  1. A mini audit of your business
  2. List of potentially low hanging fruit
  3. Preparation is key – so if you have questions before we start, please send them and I will make sure to be prepared

As Dolly says: Pour myself a cup of ambition!

Letitia Fly

Only R 1500 for 2 hours

  1. You know you have a great product/service
  2. You want to work successfully with influences
  3. You grab opportunities and love to grow your network
  4. You love a good deal (ps. this is a good deal!)
  5. You love talking about your business

Feel like you are doing everything but still no growth?

Boosting posts and not seeing results?

Answer yes to these statements?

What are you waiting for?

Hands on training on:

  • Selling your story
  • Being at the right place at the right time
  • All the other frills
  • Create proper adverts
  • How to use audiences
  • And much more (Lots of coffee and few snacks – we have work to do 😁😉)

See you soon, book today.