Charity T – Wild Beauty


Thank you for supporting small.

These t-shirts are locally made by the beautiful @found.collection
100% cotton. Please machine COLD wash.  The design is an original.
100% of the profits of these t-shirts will go to Kleine Einstein Educare, Parow.


Kleine Einstein Educare is an early child development center in Parow where some children from the surrounding rural settlements join a learning environment where strangers become family.

I wanted to collaborate in a fundraising drive with this little school when I heard via a friend that their main fundraiser, their school concert, was postponed because of the global pandemic. Many of the children who go to this school come from homes that struggle financially and school is a blessing and beautiful escape from their circumstances. Not only that, because this is a pre-primary school it is not government funded and therefore the teachers, who are also moms and community members, are often the main bread winner for their homes and rely on these extra funds as salaries.

These 100% cotton T-shirts are handmade in Cape Town and hand dyed. The print “Wild Beauty” was designed especially for us. It reminds us of the freedom you feel as a child and should rightfully feel, together with love and safety. Celebrate these children with us by buying a T, ALL the profits will go to the school for much needed supplies, salaries and food for the kids.